FS 22 LA BEAUCE V1.0.0.0

 LA BEAUCE V1.0.0.0

Welcome to Beauce, I share with you today the x4 version of the Beauce FS22 map by Loulou023, map only in arable crops (wheat, barley, rapeseed, soybeans, oats, corn, sunflower, sorghum) with several free locations for you there install, put your factories, bga, everything is placeable so can be modified as you wish, no fixed pda apart from the fields.
Surface of the fields from less than 1 ha to more than 70 ha in other words take out the gear in 12 and 15 meters, you start with some normal size machinery, 90 hectares on 6 fields and a bank account of 5 million euros for your necessary investments.
Once downloaded, please unzip the archive and drag the map and the mods that are required in your mods folder, imperatively use the savegame1 provided with it since I have placed everything in game so that you can put it to your liking .
If your savegame1 slot is already taken, rename it with a free slot. For any problem do not hesitate to contact me. Good game.

loulou023 SCEA DES CERFS