The T 890 is used to carry and pull machines and implements for field farming. The coupling trolley can take up to 3 individual implements and use them for the field work, in order to
thus cultivate larger areas with the same working time. The machines and implements remain in the coupling wagon even during road transport.
The B435 Cambridge roller is used for seedbed preparation in spring and fall, and for fertilizing fields in-game.
The B391 cultivation harrow carrier serves as a support frame for harrows (e.g. B321) and harrowers, these are used for weed removal or fertilizing.
After purchasing the coupling wagon and the 3 attachments, the coupling wagon is driven backwards, centered over the attachments and coupled individually.
Once at the field, the coupling wagon is unfolded, then each attachment is lowered individually and the coupling wagon is lowered.
The drawbar for road operation can be folded up with the right mouse button during field work.

Included in the pack:
Fortschritt T 890 coupling trolley:
Category: Miscellaneous
Price: from 5000 $
- Choice of colors for frame and rims
- Choice of tires
- Selection for device connection B435 (standard) or B391
- only for vehicles with 3-point mounting

Fortschritt B 435 Cambridge Roller:
Category: Rollers
Price: from 2000 $
- Working width: 3 m
- Working speed: 12 kph
- color choice

Fortschritt B 391 with 5 pieces B321 Harrow (Harrow/ Fertilizer function):
Category: Harrow
Price: from 1000 $
- Working width: 4 m
- Working speed: 17 kph
- color choice

Grabfeldschmiede/ Ingo376