FS 22 CASE MAXXUM 5150 V2.1.0.0

 CASE MAXXUM 5150 V2.1.0.0

I hereby make my Maxxum 6-cylinder series available for download.

-Bug fixed
-Sound installed by Lance
-Made exhaust color configurable
-Made side rails configurable
-Added Maxxtrac stickers
-Fixed helper bug
-Steering done properly
-And such little things
- Power: 105-150
- Price: €35,840

Engine configurations:
-5130 old
-5130 Pro
-5140 old
-5140 Pro
-5150 old
-5150 Pro
-5150 50000red
-5150 50000black

tire manufacturer:
- Michelin

Front loader configurations:
-Mp lift

Front mounting configurations:
-Front hydraulics
-Front hydraulics with PTO
-Front hydraulics with weight
-Hauer front hydraulics
-Hauer front hydraulics with PTO
-Lesnik front hydraulics

Further configurations:
-GPS antenna
-Air horns
-Warning signs

Simple IC Functions:
-Door on the left
-The door on your right
- Window on the left
-window on the right
-rear window
- Hide/unhide the rotating beacon on the left
-Show/hide the rotating beacon on the right
- Fold in/out wall panels

If you find any errors or have any improvements, please let me know!


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