Because the only way to add this amazing feature on machines is creating new files, me, Vdskillers, and FS Miner create this version of the mod with all machines added.

I hope you understand we can't creating a new version of the zip file every time is released a new machine. So we share with you time to time a new version of this file with new machines added.

I recommend when you put this file on your mod folder delete the old one (or the old ones) you have.

Official page: https://github.com/scfmod/FS22_TerraFarm

My official site with my mods: https://fs-mce.site/

My youtube channel: click_here

My patreon page: click_here

My discord channel: click_here

List all machines included on this file:

ENGCON_Cable ENGCON_DeepDigging ENGCON_DeepDiggingBroad ENGCON_Grader.xml ENGCON_WaterDrainage Case_CX250D_LR_Standard_Bucket Case_CX250D_LR_Wide_Bucket CAT_3000H CAT_7495HD_Bucket CAT_990H_Bucket CAT_CP56 CAT_D10T CAT_D6_Blade CAT_D6_Ripper Dossan_DX800LC-7 Hitachi_310W Kobelco_SK480_Rake Kobelco_SK480_Ripper Kobelco_SK480_Standard_Bucket Komatsu_GD655 Komatsu_WA900A_Bucket Liebherr_980SME 385c 6015b Mecalac_MTX12_Standard_Bucket Mecalac_MTX12_Wide_Bucket Mecalac_MTX12_Wide_Bucket_Reversed Volvo_EC750EL_Mining_Bucket Volvo_EC750EL_Standard_Bucket Volvo_L350H_Bucket Volvo_SD115 BOMAG_ROLLER Albutt_frontLoaderShovel Magsi_telehandlerShovel Magsi_wheelLoaderShovel McCormack_overtippingBucket Paladin_highDumpBucket 4MR_Cat992 4MR_Cat994 4MR_CAT6015B 4MR_Hitachi_2600EX Hitachi350LC_Telescope nmcD11BulldozerBlade nmcD11BulldozerRipper nmcD11BulldozerSnowBlade 4MR_Hitachi470LC1 4MR_Hitachi470LC2 4MR_HitachiEX8000 4MR_cat_18m3 4MR_JohnDeere_870G1 4MR_JohnDeere_870G2 4MR_JohnDeere_870G3 4MR_Hitachi_Zaxis870LC1 4MR_Hitachi_Zaxis870LC2 4MR_Hitachi_Zaxis870LC3 ASHLAND_I200_TS4_SCRAPER KomatsuD65PXi JackhammerPack_brh JackhammerPack_brh2 JackhammerPack_brh3 NawaRo-Maus HAMM_H210i Liebherr_776 MAN_Aspiratrice_Long_Nozzle MAN_Aspiratrice_Small_Nozzle scrap_Caterpillar663 HITACHI8000_8000 Liebherr_9800 Komatsu_WA380 PC1250 wirtgen Volvo_BL61B



Mod author: scfmod mods added: Nonnus, FS Miner, Vdskillers

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