FS 22 JOHN DEERE 8350 BOX DRILL V1.0.0.0

The box drill is one of those implements almost every farm owns, this John Deere 8350 is one of many box drills John Deere offered in the late 1980s, this specific one is a 13′ model with a capacity of 830L of seed, and 830L of fertilizer. This mod was originally created by ARM-Team, and had the ability to connect additional drills on each side, I have removed this capability as I have scaled the drill down to it’s correct size of 13′ instead of 20′.


Working Width: 13′(4m)

Capacity: 830L seeds and fertilizer(each)

Recommended HP: 80 hp

FS19: ARM-Team FS22: DIniz Farms

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