FS19: Schoema TST Pack


Credits: VertexDezign

Description: This pack contains machines around a massive slurrytanker from the company Schöma from northern Germany. Due to the tapered tank, a very low center of gravity and a super road holding can be realized.

In addition to the normal semitrailer TSA, the pack also includes the associated dollyaxle US and the combination of both machines TAH.
The tankers offer many different overloading options with one hose connection on each side, a pivoting connection at the rear and two suction funnels.
In addition, there is a side suction arm and a free rotating overloading arm to fill directly into a container.
With many other configurations of tires, fenders, reflectors, and logos, the machines are individually adapted to each customer.

Schöma TAH
- Configurable Fillarms
- Price: 102000 €
- Capacity: 26000 l

Schöma TSA
- Configurable Fillarms
- Price: 75000 €
- Capacity: 26000 l

Schöma US Dolly
- Price: 9000 €