FS19: Lizard Mulcher


Credits: VertexDezign

Description: The Lizard flail mowers are implements with many uses. They can mow plants, but immediately shred their remains.

Mulchers are mainly used for stubble cultivation, maintenance work, but also for haulm removal.

- Shreds all types of plants
- Resets grass plants to growth state 1
- Fertilizes the field when the plants are big enough (Optimal with PrecisionFarming-DLC)
- Removes haulm from potatoes or beets

EFGC Series
Working width: 2 m
Power requirement: 20 PS / 14,7 KW
Price: 1950 €

HGLM 300
Working width: 3 m
Power requirement: 70 PS / 51,5 KW
Price: 3849 €