FS19: Optional Fertilization

Credits: Holger Sengstock

Description: Optional Fertilization for the original sowingmachines of Farming Simulator 19

This mod was already available in a similar form for the LS17. I have now adapted it to the LS19 and equiped seed drills with fertilizer tanks so that they can also be converted to seed tanks. If a lot of slurry or manure is available for fertilization, you don't have to spend too much expensive mineral fertilizer. And there are also the catch crops in which you can work and which means a degree of fertilization.


+ Agromasz Salvis 3800
+ Stara Ceres Master 3570
+ Horsch PRONTO 9 DC
+ Stara Estrela 32
+ Amazone Condor 15001
+ Hatzenbichler TH1400
+ Vaderstad Seed Hawk 980 Air Cart


+ Amazone ED 3000-C
+ Kverneland Optima V
+ Lemken Solitair 23
+ Vaderstad FH 2200
+ Vaderstad Tempo V 8
+ Horsch Maestro 12 SW
+ Vaderstad Tempo L16