FS17: Framest Pack

Framest is a hungarian tool manufacturer. In this pack you have two tools, one heavy disc harrow which can be used as a plough with 6 meter workwidth, and a trailed roller with which can be used as cultivator with 6.5 meter workwidt.

If you attach the trailed roller after the heavy disc harrow, you can farm your fields in one easy step - if you had enough horsepower for it!
Important notice : with FraDisc V 6000 the hired workers (AI) needs to position the disc harrow into the smallest available angle!

Working width: 6 meter 
Recommended power: 245+ HP
Price: 48900 / 11500 €
Daily upkeep: 6 / 3 €

Changelog : v1.0.0.1 - fixed wheel rotation in MP

Credits: n0tr3adY, Aaa modding