FS17: Farmtech TDK 900

Credits: 50keda, CebuljCek, Agroni99


To provide safe transport of high payloads on difficult terrain it requires the convincing features of our three-side tandem trailer TDK.

Through its compact building method the driving unit enables high maneuverability and ensures above all maximal stability and safety when loading, discharging and driving.

- Variable capacity: 7500l or 15000l
- Tension Belts for strapping pallets cargo
- Openable side walls
- DynamicHoses support: 1x hydraulic, 2x air, 1x electric

Changelog 1.1:
- New Feature: support for DynamicHoses
- New Feature: added collision for extra body and raised collisions on small body
- Improvement: reworked dirt texture on wheels
- Improvement: raised support arm even more when attached
- Fix: lowered attacher height, it should better align with tractor now
- Fix: fixed MP problem with visibility of both variable bodies

Changelog 1.0.1:
- Fix: tyre tracks appearing only on right side
- Fix: store specification not showing all possible cargoes that can be loaded to the trailer